Friday, August 27, 2010

The 1000 Squat Challenge

Want to know what I'm up to today? -- A 1,000 squat challenge. Specifically, 1,000 air squats. Dr. Garrett Smith so perfectly demonstrates the how-to here.
Normally, I would want to plan a huge undertaking like this days ahead. However, I woke up this morning and while I was eating my Kashi Go Lean cereal and checking my Twitter, I noticed a couple of hashtags that read #1000squats. I did some investigating and discovered that several of my Tweeps were doing an ass-kicking challenge (pun intended). Today, they were going to complete 1,000 air squats before midnight. We all know by now that I love a challenge, so I sent out my tweet that read: "in for this #1000squats challenge. its 8am and i have 16 hours. off to the gym. this is going to hurt today, tomorrow and maybe sunday."

Right after I committed to leaving for the gym, Katy Perry appeared on The Today Show. I love her and therefore I wasn't leaving until she was done serenating me with her new song, 'Teenage Dream'. So, I began squatting right in my living room and did 100 before I even caught whiff of the sweaty folk at the gym.

Just for fun - here is a YouTube link for Katy's new video - my current favorite song 'Teenage Dream': (It's good squatting material, so get to it!)

Did squats all throughout my workout - through lower body strength training, elliptical and stairs. I'm going to totally pay for this tomorrow. Did another 101 when I got home and I'm currently at 501 and officially more than half-way to 1,000. No time to waste - back to squatting.

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