Sunday, December 26, 2010

My 2011 Resolutions

As the New Year quickly approaches, I suppose it’s time to post my resolutions/goals for 2011. Brace yourself, I can’t even believe I’m going to write these down. So far, I’ve got five – a couple that test my will, others that test my fitness and one that carries over from last year.

Before we get to the challenges 2011 will bring, let’s recap last year’s resolutions. They were as follows:

Run a marathon: Did that. Twice! Sugarloaf in May and Maine in October. Two of the most rewarding experiences in my life. It’s actually made me look at a half marathon as ‘an easy, fun run that’s only 13.1 miles.’

Get a six-pack: Ummmmmm ya. Not the Bud Light one, the abdominal one. Didn’t quite get there. Maybe next year?
Chill the F out: SO happy to say I did that. While I’m still super high strong, I learned a lot of things this year and teaching myself to ‘take a step back.’
Make 2010 about me: This was the best decision I ever made. I wasn’t selfish, but for the first time in my life I put myself first. I made it a priority to make myself happy before anything else. It was really hard at first, but I got used to it (maybe too used to it). Haha.

I’d say that makes for a pretty successful 2010.

Alright, back to the here and now. It didn’t take me too long to decide what my 2011’s would be. I’ve actually have been coming up with them all throughout this year, so without further adieu, here they are:

Give up chocolate: I can already tell this is probably going to suck majorly. I love chocolate SO much but I know I can totally go without it for a year. I mean, really, its only 365 days without the sweet confection. Before I go any further, this deserves some additional explanation. I plan on foregoing all candy-type chocolate (Hershey kisses, M&Ms, the like) as well as desert-type (goodbye chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, chocolate cookies). The underlying factor here is that my whey protein powder is chocolate-flavored and I will not be giving that up. All you whey-drinkers know that it is nothing like real chocolate and it’s my post-workout thing.

Give up swearing: While I’ve done a great job keep my blog PG, I can not keep my mouth in check to save my life. I have a mouth like a sailor, a truck-driver and a 21st century rapper – i.e. absolutely revolting. This also deserves some clarification. I really only curse when I’m with my friends and family. I keep my mouth swear-free at work, school and in all professional settings. That’s what the real kicker is – I can do it there, so why not do it everywhere, right? I just might have to make myself a swear jar to be sure I’m towing the line.

Run a 50K: Crazy, right? I know its 31 miles, but I’ve already completed two marathons so that seems like the next challenge. Misty and I will be tackling the Pineland Farms 50K Memorial Day weekend and I’m a bit nervous about this. She has convinced me that we are going to make this fun, a nice long run in which we will allow ourselves to stop, eat and stretch. However, I know Misty and I certainly know myself and I know that we are going to push ourselves to do well. I was at this event last year for my internship and it seemed like a lot of fun. Back on race day, I had committed to do the 2011 10K … what’s another 40? I’m also playing with the idea of completing a half-Ironman, but that may be a bit too much to tackle, so we’ll see.

Take a good race photo: I take the worst race pictures ever. I either look in a lot of pain or really, really goofy. So, this year, I will pose for the camera and get myself a good, or at least decent race picture. This is one of the most hilarious captures of 2010. Sarah snagged this at the 4th of July 10K - also, the most miserable race of the year.

Make 2011 about me: Like I did in 2010, I plan on making 2011 about me. I’m not conceded or self-centered, but I am 22 years old and I’m going to do what I have to to make myself happy. I’m going to continue to put myself first and forget about what others think. In the end, you’re the only one looking out for you and you’re the only one that can make you truly happy.


  1. Awesome Andrea!!! I plan on running a 50K too in 2011!! Rock on!

  2. Nice goals! I'm interested in that Pineland Farms race, will have to be on the calendar in 2012. Great work with your running and keep it up!

  3. I registered for the Great Cranberry Island 50K, you should join me for the fun!!!