Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Y? Because it's awesome.

Despite the fact that I have known this day would come for months now, I can’t believe it’s finally here. My last day at the gym.


I guess it’s only fitting that I finally post one of my favorite entries to commemorate this day. This post is full of laughs, tears, fitness tips and words of wisdom from some ladies I’m super sad to leave behind. I'm not posting pictures, well, because I don't want to. No need for them this time. Just sit back, enjoy and be jealous that these peeps aren't yours.

Jen –The first time I met Jen, she admitted that she creeped me on Danielle’s blog and recognized my shorts from the Maine Marathon. Boy am I glad she did! As self-proclaimed in her blog, Jen went from fat to fit and she truly inspires me every single day, but not just from her phsycial transformation. Jen has encouraged me to live my life for me, take care of myself first, etc. since I met her. She was proud of me when I acted like a 23-year old and taught me to appreciate my independence but always made sure to offer motherly words. She was always there for a hug, a super-big smile or to offer a completely inappropriate comment. “I’ll shove her face in my a** flab and see how she likes that.” – Yup, that’s my favorite. Jen is the epitome of how hard work and success translates into rewards and I can only hope that I can carry her motivation into my future.

Steph – I have never met someone who I can so comfortably talk about poop with than Steph. During our many early morning workouts, Steph and I have proudly proclaimed all things No. 2. In addition to our endless references to poop, we have shared some great moments. Steph taught me many things – the killer version of the deadlift, to keep my shoulder blades retracted, what butt cramps on the recumbent bike feel like and that some things leave one ‘hurting for four days.’ While those tips will always come in handy, Steph shared one thing with me that I will stick forever – I’m young and have my whole life ahead of me. This came at the perfect time and was like a total epiphany for me. I tend to live life to the fullest but forget to enjoy the journey and so I’ve made a conscious effort to find a perfect balance.

Misty – Oh Misty. Where to begin. I never really thought that the day we met at the Polar Bear Tri that we would become friends. We had a blast at Reach the Beach, snuggling on my nights off, sharing stories, shopping and most of all – complaining – about everything. Like Jen and Steph, Misty reinforced the idea of living life to the fullest. She taught me to enjoy life while it lasts and enjoy each and every moment for what they are. I’m not going to share specifics because there are far too many, but I will say that I’m going to miss this woman. She has always been one to express how proud she is of me, support my every move and make sure I too, am proud of myself. Misty has also grown herself – she’s becoming quite the yogi and I know she’ll be sending me relaxing yoga poses all semester long!

Erin – My true gym mom. Erin has been the closest to a motherly figure I’ve had at the gym (don’t get me wrong, all these ladies have done their share of mothering, but not like Erin). She told me when to stop working out and rest, asked me how my big events went, checked in on my injuries, let me vent countless times and I’m pretty sure got nervous for me when I took the GREs. She’s awesome. Her four-year old son may nearly be the same height as she is, but she really is super mom, super wife, super marathoner and I’m glad to say super friend.

Veronica – I’m so glad to say that Veronica and I put our respective judgmental bitch faces aside and got to know each other. In addition to the gym, she rocked the Maine Marathon and USM with me. She’s becoming a super figure competitor and I couldn’t be more proud (and a bit jealous!) of her intensity, determination, motivation and stick-to-it-ness.

Jenn – I think they’ve all said it – Enjoy life while you can. Along with the aforementioned Jen, Jenn has listened to some very intense stories of mine, all the while encouraging me to what I want when I want. Her advice and sarcasm has helped keep me sane this summer and I think it’s safe to say that I’ve done the same for her. She tried to teach me some sweet plank moves, but my awesome coordination does not allow for that to happen. She listened, laughed, shared Army base secrets with me and is always encouraging me to strive for the best. Jenn, of course I’ll misdeeds you. Way too much for my own good.

Lisa, Chris, Charles, Kris, PG, Todd, the old guy who asks me how work is every morning, Dick, Carlo and the hotties who will remain nameless – It’s been real. Thanks for always being there to smile at me, laugh at me and heckle me.

Well, that’s that. You never know where you’ll meet someone great. I’m lucky enough to have a ton of them in one building! While each relationship may sound familiar, each of the above ladies have had a huge impact on my life and I’ll miss them dearly. I see most of them every day and they have become my irreplaceable little gym family. I’ll miss that manly automated voice ‘welcoming’ me each time I buzz in, the awesome locker room smell, the oh-so-interesting individuals that attend the Y and well, pretty much everything about that darn place! Can’t wait to come back and steal my mom’s membership for a return visit!

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  1. so i read it before leaving. i suck, i know.
    i cannot tell you how glad i am that i met you-thanks to D and those awesomely loud shorts.
    i have never met a 23 y/o who has her sh!t so together!
    you are smart, beautiful, funny, driven, mature when you need to be, 23 when you need to be and awesome ALL THE FREAKING TIME>

    it has been a pleasure getting to know you and while i will miss you sOOOOO much, this is the start of an amazing journey.
    enjoy each day.
    live each moment.
    take risks but be smart.
    remember to do YOU.
    i know you will do wonderful things with your life and you will reach each and every goal you set for yourself. you are an amazing lady and i am lucky to call you friend.

    love you girl. xoxoxoxoxoxo
    now go kick some ass and make sure you get me Mark Sanchez's autograph-kay??

    ps-bathrooms are always fine. no worries :P