Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top 10 of 2010

Here’s a little glance at my top 10 memories of 2010, in no particular order:

Sugarloaf Marathon: My first marathon, need I say more? Waiting two hours for dinner. The ups and the downs (literally – I ran a mountain!) Running the last 1.2 with my sister. I like your beard.

Boston: Two nights with my best friends. Kitty O’Sheas. Little Italy. Riding in jeeps with boys. Stuck in the rain. IHOP.

Dodgers vs. Red Sox: The return of Manny to Beantown. Spending the whole day with Daddy. Meeting Bertha Lowell. Boston’s got 99 problems but Manny ain’t one.

Reach the Beach Relay: 200 miles in 24 hours. Run Faster, Finish Sooner. Sixth-grade-esque slumber party. Silly bands. No sleep. Yelling inappropriate questions to our running teammates. We will shock you.

A little Cali love: Hopped out the plane at LAX. Snuggling with JPell despite having two beds. Running down Sunset Blvd. AB Reunion. “Tequila is soooo senior year.” Jackie Chan, Matthew Perry, Goldie Hawn. Trying on masks, trapping a huge cockroach and frolicking at the beach in January!!

A Quality Chef-like Attempt: Three amateurs and two pros attempt dinner. Orzo blob. “If one of your students came up to you with a test ¾ done, what would you say?” Smoothie maker is just as good as a blender, right? Success!
Bachelorette Action: Danielle’s last fling before the ring! Stories, shots and more stories. OPT! So glad I’m friends with this chick.

Labor Day 5K: Running for those who can’t. Second-place age group finish. Mom and Dad walked, I ran. Cute outfit.

Maine Marathon: Second 26.2! Surrounded by friends. HUGE PR. Friends ran their first half. Meeting Mark along the way. Lightning shorts.

Dane Cook: He came to Portland. Jaime and I did an entire scorpion bowl by ourselves. Silly boys. Vegan animal crackers. Seeing Ashley to end the evening!

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