Sunday, October 2, 2011

A little procrastination never hurt anyone that badly...

Soo I’ve been a little busy in case you were wondering. (I feel like I start almost every post like this, but I’m always busy. Haha. Here’s a bunch of random thoughts for me to vent about, for you to enjoy, so that I can look back one day and laugh and more importantly so I can put off studying for my ginormous law exam tomorrow.

A year ago today – I rocked my second marathon. A lot has changed in a year (I’m writing this from New York!) but today I’m super sad I’m not in Maine doing it again. I mean who would have ever thought I’d be sad cause I couldn’t run a marathon. Hahah. Idiot. Still, Danielle is back at it again hoping to knock out a huge PR while Jenelle and Stephanie are going after their first 26.2. Jealous. Well, not too jealous. From what I hear, it was pouring at the race start. Guess I don’t mind being a race tracker stalker for the day.

The roughest sports week in a long time – Surely, this doesn’t beat the week following the Giants stupid Super Bowl victory over the Pats, but it hasn’t been super fun here. (Sorry, I had to bring it up) It all started Sunday when the friggen Bills took advantage of a rare off day from Tom Brady and won. I mean good for them, but really?! I was at a soccer game during the game so thank god I didn’t have to watch the mess unfold. Then, on Wednesday, the Red Sox made history, recording one of the worst collapses in history. Cool. It was there and gone in literally five minutes so needless to say, my roommates got to know ‘psycho sports fan Andrea’ that night. Then, Saturday, Francona’s departure from Boston became official. Huge bummer, but it is what it is. At least now I can get excited about the search for a new manager. The last seven days I’ve watch SportsCenter with one eye open – the guy at the gym next to me even realized I was a Sox fan when I started talking to myself and gesturing the other day on the treadmill. Wearing my sports heart on my sleeve again. Oops. You know what though, this made me feel a whole lot better …

I’m becoming a grownup – Slowly, but surely. Not that I haven’t been for a while, but I don’t have Mom or Dad here to fix things, cook dinner, take out the trash, etc. This idea of being an adult finally occurred to me yesterday when I had to go to a new car place and get the Santa Fe some new tires. Sounds silly, but this was no picnic for me. Aside from the near $700 that I dropped on said tires, I don’t like car stuff. Dad does and he used to deal with that mess for me at home. Well, now that’s my job. Weird.

Ithaca is gorges – No, really, it is! I have explored a couple of them with my friend, Sam, and they are awesome. (Do not fear, I’m still nowhere near a nature girl) Anyway, Ithaca is also providing lots of fun in so many other ways. I’m making friends I think I’ll have for a really long time, playing around in the commons, working lots of sporting events, defending my Boston-based teams (no matter how hard that may be), planning my future, making grocery shopping fun and thinking how I wish this was a two-year program instead of one.

Home sweet home for the weekend – Dearest Kim is getting married and I’m off to celebrate with her and so many others! That’s pretty much the reason I’m going home – she should feel preeettty lucky. I’m super excited to be home, even if it’s only for like three-ish days. I’ve got lots of plans – Trader Joe’s, dinner with the whole family, a couple workouts with my gym family, some fall traditions, seeing my friend’s new house, snuggling with my sister and probably a lot more! Oh and a little thing called the Dempsey Challenge is this weekend, too. Should be a rockin’ good time – Can’t wait to see these two!!

Stay tuned for a wordless Wednesday that will feature pictures from a month of life in Ithaca!

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