Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's Been Real, Ithaca

Welp. The time has come to leave good old Ithaca and I finally realized it last night. Not sure if it was the adult beverages or the fact that I had to say a few goodbyes at our usual place of entertainment. Either way and cliche or not, it's time to close my Ithaca chapter and I couldn't be happier with the last 10 months.

I feel like it was just yesterday that I rolled up to Coddington and couldn't figure out which house was mine.

Or that first night in which a Red Sox- Yankees game turned into fishbowls, dancing and wristwatches...

Time has absolutely flown and I can't believe we are already heading off to our new corners of the world. Princeton, Cornell, Harvard, Kings College, Offense-Defense, Oklahoma, Colby-Swayer and everywhere else in between are all in for a real treat.

I can't wait to hear what everyone does in the future and the awesome things they continue bringing to the table. Enough of this future stuff though, this year was unforgettable so let's get right into the reminiscing. As Tony once told me, I should take one thing away from every person I meet. And so I am. Some of them are cliche, but they really fit the respective person. 

Sam: To smile. Even when things suck. All the time.

Tyler: To let no one ever intimidate you. 

Tony: Well, I mean this portion is Tony-inspired, so we can let that speak for itself. But more so, that nothing is ever impossible.
Nina: Do everything with your whole heart, even if it is making delicious ice cream creations.
Jackie: That seemingly unlikely friendships can develop when you least expect it.

Andy: To laugh a lot. At silly things because it makes you feel good. #frah

Paps: To welcome everyone like your family, even if it is by giving them your monkey cups.

Lyndsay: To hide the flame when the landlord comes over.
Jeff F.: If you tweet one word all the time, people will catch on and maybe even buy you shirts with that word on it. #swag
Paul: It's never to late to make big changes.
Mike L.: To set goals for yourself and achieve them, even when them seem absolutely ridiculous.
Andi: Everything sounds better in the House Bunny voice.

Craig: You can pay me like sh*t, or treat me like sh*t, but you can't do both.

There are a ton more to list but no one wants to spend the whole day reading that. Nonetheless, it's been fun -- a lot more fun that I had ever imagined. I did so many super cool awesome things in Ithaca and met people that I will remain friends with for the rest of my life.

Together, we learned a whole lot and there are lots of Ithaca lessons learned that I'm taking away with me:

Some serious and cliche-like (yet again, more cliches):
Take parts of life with a grain of salt
Live in the moment
Have fun everyday
The best friendships are developed when you least expect them

And then the less-serious lessons learned:
Always think like a researcher
Don't work in baseball
Shabaka always
Don't wear flip flops to Moonies - the floor gets really slippery
Always read the PA script before beginning pregame announcements
One gummy worm always leads to 10

Voldemort really does exist
Never throw out your pirate pants
Lokomotions are a real thing
Always pee before you get in a crew stakeboat
Don't recycle and don't talk sh*t
DJ Burn is the only DJ that takes requests
An airport is very entertaining after a few margaritas

Swooshy pants on the first day is a sure win
Free ballin' in the khakis can be super chilly
Anything made with protein powder tastes delicious
Any body part can turn on a touch lamp - any body part
You never know when you're going to see something from Lord of the Rings
Malone's is the Vancouver hot spot

Chicopee is crawling with dingwalls
That the Coddington Olympics had the best facilities, athletes, sustainability (I mean, we used fruit and veggies) and most fun
Don't go in the woods because you'll get ticks, thanks Dad

Like I've said before, I wasn't expecting this unforgettable experience, but I am so glad I made the decision to move myself to Ithaca for a year. I really wouldn't change it for the world and wish I could be here much longer. I already can't wait visit my friends and have annual Ithaca reunions with my bosses-turned-colleagues. Now I truly know why 'It's Always a Great Day to be a Bomber.'
I'm gonna miss this place a ton.

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