Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday to Me!

The past few weeks have been, well, busy as usual. BUT. SO. MUCH. FUN. I have not had time to write at all, so you’re gonna get a lot of old stuff in the next couple of posts.

If you recall from a couple of posts ago, my birthday was three weeks ago today. Turned the big 22 and so far (knock on wood), it is already off to a better start than 21. I did have a friend tell me that 22 was the best year of their life and so I’m hoping it brings the same for me. It did, however, bring me lots of fun gifts. Take a look:

Coach sneakers from Mom and Dad!! Yeeeee! I have always wanted Coach sneakers and while I have been told they resemble clown shoes, I think they are absolutely adorable. I wore them for the first time yesterday and while they do look very cute, they squeak! Ugh. Everyone can hear me coming from a mile away.

Mom and Dad also got me a sweet orange running tank, a Jillian Michaels/Biggest Loser ‘Last Chance Workout’ DVD, a Red Sox shirt and Patriots long-sleeve. I’m not spoiled or anything, right?

Obviously, everyone knows how much I hate anything workout-related and so my sister continued the trend with a Nike Sport Band. It’s yellow and black and matches my Livestrong bracelet perfectly. I have used it on a couple runs so far and I really like it. Not sure that I calibrated it correctly, but it’s pretty close nonetheless.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better – it did. On the way to our July 4th 10K (a huge fail, which you will hear all about in the next couple of days), Danielle gave me a Victoria’s Secret bag full of stuff. Not the kind of stuff typically found at VS, but maybe even better. First came the Honey Stingers energy chews, which I will try out on Monday’s 15-miler, and my stand-by Clif Shot Blocs. Then, some new Feetures socks (I love these!) and some Secret Crush lotion from VS … and then … THE BEST MAGNET EVER!!! Look at this thing:

You may not appreciate it like I do, but seriously. I say ‘glam’ all the freaking time and I sweat A LOT when I work out. Not sure that it is glitter oozing from my pores, but I certainly do glisten. Just look at it again, such prettiness.

Obviously since Andy, who also runs, and I are such closet fat kids, he broke the workout gift-trend and got me a 1-pound bag of M&Ms! Two fun stories behind this delectable chocolate morsel. 1) I complained to him daily about how there was a 5-pound bag sitting on my desk that I couldn’t keep my hands out of. 2) Andy and I also talk about dessert all the time, and before he knew about my peanut butter allergy, he made me the most delicious-sounding cheesecake ever… With, you guessed it, peanut butter cups. So, since that failed big time, the M&Ms were a last resort, but such a great one.

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