Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lots of Recapping on the Way ...

Judging by the fact that I haven’t posted in four months should tell you a little something. I. Have. Been. So. Busy. Just ask my friends that I see every few months. Ya, I said it, months.

I’ve realized that my absence has left several important things unwritten, so allow me to catch you all up. In the upcoming days (let’s be honest, it’s probably going to be weeks), I’ll update you on all things Andrea. Here’s a little tease for those of you who are absolutely itching to get back to reading about my life.

Graduate School: After months and months of deliberation, I have finally decided where to continue my graduate career. This entire process was a complete and total rollercoaster ride – the good, the bad, the really bad, the happy, the sad, the relief, the fear and the excitement. This post will be pretty intense. Into the Mud Challenge: This 2.5-mile mud run put on by the University of Southern Maine’s Event Management class absolutely consumed my life for the past four months. The event went down as a huge success on May 7 and it did more for me than just record three college credits. It was so worth it in the end and I couldn’t be more proud of the guys (and handful of gals) I worked with. Here's a little preview of the giant mud pit we had at the end ...

Graduation: The culmination of 4.5 years in less than three hours. I can’t believe it’s over and I’m truly sad to be done. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy I’m done and proud of my accomplishments, but I was an emotional wreck the entire week leading up to the ceremony. Here's a quick pic Kristen snapped of me en route to get my diploma:
Wrap it up: If you’ve been in college the last four years, I’m sure your mind goes to the wrong places when you hear that phrase. However, I’m taking the high road here, sharing with you the ups and downs of my college career. I’ll document my favorite things, what I’ll miss, the important lessons I learned and why southern Mainers shouldn’t knock good ole’ USM.

My Gym Mom(s): Started writing this guy a few days ago and I’m sure I won’t be able to finish it until the days before I leave simply because it makes me sad. This post is dedicated to four lovely ladies that I share almost each and every gym session with. They’ve taught me so much, supported me, laughed at me, pushed me and I don’t know what I’ll do without them next year.

So ya, all of that and more on the way. I’ve been closing doors and opening new ones all week, all month, all year. I’ve put a lot behind me and I have even more craziness ahead. All this reflecting, looking back and looking ahead made me realize what this weekend signifies … the running of my first marathon AND the start of this beautiful, slow-growing blog. Happy future reading!!

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